Why You Need To Obtain A SFOC!

In Canada, you cannot operate an unmanned aircraft without getting a Special Flight Operations Certificate SFOC. It is the rule of the Transport Canada that unmanned aircraft systems in Canada must meet up comparable levels of security and safety as like manned aircraft because the Transport Canada is fully liable for the conduct of civil unmanned aircraft systems. The necessary requirements for operating an unmanned aerial vehicle come under the Canadian Aviation Regulations. It is also known as CAR. The primary objective of the CARs is to reduce the risk to the property and people on the ground as well.


The SFOC Canada is compulsory to ensure the safety of the property and people during the operation of an unmanned air vehicle. The Transport Canada has to be influenced that a person can conduct his/her planned operation safely and is sufficiently well-known with aviation rules and regulations before an SFOC will be granted. It is also necessary for you to complete a training session for UAV operating to get your SFOC.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are exclusively being used to evaluate crops and for recognizing the drainage areas, to monitor wildlife, pest populations, plant health and flood damage. Using thermal beam onboard cameras can gather geographical pictures that can be evaluated, recorded, manipulated, and triangulated into the 3D pictures.

The holders of special flight operations certificate for the need to be aware in the application procedure that they must subscribe to essential legal responsibility insurance covering risks of public liability as stated above by the Canadian aviation regulations. This prerequisite is the critical condition to attain the Special Flight Operations Certificate. If you have the sufficient funds to pay for an unmanned aerial vehicle, you have first to understand the set of laws for its use.

In Canada, you have to operate an unmanned aircraft, with the proper accountability to drive it in a civil and safe, respectable manner. You can take the various advantages of unmanned aircraft in agriculture sector also. You can use an unmanned aircraft for business activities in Canada, but for this, you need an SFOC Canada to drive it officially.

If you want to turn a UAV, you need a Special Flight Operations Certificate and to get this certificate you need to submit your application through your suitable Regional Transport Canada General Aviation Office approximately twenty working days before starting the operation. You can read the application procedure thoroughly on the official website of the Transport Canada.

The Transport Canada is the lawful authority for processing your request for a Special Flight Operations Certificate for the function of an Unmanned Air Vehicle. Always remember that you may be charged by the regional enforcement branch of Transport Canada if you operate an unmanned aircraft without obtaining the necessary SFOC. So, it is very much important to get your Special Flight Operations Certificate before working with an unmanned aircraft system in Canada because if you operate it without the certificate, the regional enforcement branch of Transport Canada will impose a penalty of 5000 dollars on you for disobeying the rules and regulations.


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